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Welcome to sexual health doctor (sexpert) – Dr. Rajendra Sathe’s clinic for sex counseling & therapy. He is the Best Sexologist in Pune & Mumbai, India for advice/treatment on all sex problems like Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PE), painful sex (dyspareunia), penis size (small) shape angle issues, difficult first time sex (non-consumation), lack of sexual desire, absent/lack of orgasm pleasure, sexual burnout syndrome (SBS- see page 6 of this website) homosexuality, gender identity, sexual abuse, masturbation and circumcision questions and worries, phimosis, paraphimosis and addressing this problem without circumcision surgery.

Why choose us

Sex is a biological need and one of the most intimate and pleasurable of all human experiences. However, it can become a major concern for some persons who face recurrent sexual problems. Almost every person faces sexual or relationship problems at some time or other during his/her lifetime and is really bothersome if it is continual in nature. Some couples require many weeks or a few months and sometimes even 1-2 years or more to sexually adjust with each other. A few couples never become sexually compatible and unfortunately, if they never seek professional help, the problem is never resolved.

Often, as men and women approach their mid-life, they face sexual problems. Like any other major health problem like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, it is beneficial to seek early treatment for sexual problems.

Brushing these issues under the carpet may be harmful as it can undo a good relationship and could bring about discord and resentment in the couple. Often, in our culture, mediation and help are sought from friends and relatives. However, seeking professional help is always better as it is unbiased, scientifically correct and based on objective consideration of the overall problem.

Sometimes, relationship problems such as poor communication, continuous conflict and avoidance of sex for any reason can wreck in the life of a couple.

Dr Sathe offers personal counseling to individuals or couples facing sexual problems that include low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm, erectile difficulty, vaginismus (involuntarly tightening of vaginal muscles causing pain and preventing entry of penis) and delayed ejaculation. Dr. Sathe believes in using Medication as well as Specific Exercises and Diet along with Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy and Psychotherapy in treating sexual problems. His experience is that this combination is much more effective than using just one single approach.

Dr. Sathe also offers workshops/seminars to groups of individuals or corporate clients on different aspects of Human Relationships and Sexuality to learn more about sexuality and thereby enhance sexual pleasure.

For those who are interested in Tantra Sex, Dr. Sathe has special counseling sessions that demystify Tantra and enhance your sexual experience. This aims in helping men to overcome premature ejaculation and get stronger long lasting erections. For women, understanding tantra helps them to overcome sexual nervousness and enjoy true full body orgasms.

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