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Dr. Rajendra Sathe is a Physician and Sexologist with 35 plus years in the field of Sexual Medicine, who believes in educating, counselling, mentoring and guiding young to old – men, women and couples through his knowledge, training, understanding, expertise, experience on all sexual and relationship matters regarding teenage sexuality, pre and post marriage issues. Diagnosing diseases that cause sex problems of forty plus years and treating them is his specialty.

In his early years, Dr Sathe was trained by senior physicians of Pune from all the faculties of medicine like Internal Medicine, Skin and STD, Mental Illness and Psychology, Urinary issues, Glands and Hormone problems, etc. and then was mentored by the ‘Gurus’ of Sexology in India – Dr. Mahinder Watsa, Dr. Vitthal Prabhu, Dr. Prakash Kothari from Mumbai, India and Dr. Beverly Whipple from New York, USA.

His contributions in the field of Sexology include penning 3 books (Kama-Tantra :Prem Tantra (English) ; काम समस्या : समुपदेशन व औषधोपचार (Marathi) ;हस्तमैथुनाबद्दलचे हितगुज (Marathi). Dr Rajendra Sathe’s major achievement in Sexology include designing conducting and writing a research study, then publishing in an eminent peer reviewed Journal of Elsivier Sciences – Archives of Medical Research. Titled ‘ Naltrexone Induced Augmentation of Sexual Response in Men ‘  this research study was co-authored by Dr. Alice Ladas, Dr. Barry Komisaruk, Dr. Shreerang Godbole with Dr. Rajendra Sathe being the lead author. For this achievement he was awarded the Silver Lamp award by CSEPI (Council of Sex Education and Parenthood, International). ‘Sathe’s Orgasm Hypothesis’ and ‘Sexual Burnout Syndrome’ are also his personal contributions that deal with the role of neurotransmitters in Sexual Arousal, Orgasm, and Resolution. Here, his focus is on Endorphins and Endo-cannabinoids and how they contribute in the orgasmic experience of all persons and defines it on the basis of pure science.

In the continuously evolving field of Human Sexual Medicine, Dr Sathe’s ‘common sense’ approach in awareness, mindfulness, education, counselling along with medical advice and treatment by ‘holistic’ methods that includes Diet and Exercise offers ‘long term solutions’ to Common Sexual Problems.

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