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How to find a good sex doctor or sexologist....?

Friends, do you know the difference between a normal doctor and a good sex specialist doctor? All doctors are generally trained to take care of your whole body, but a sex specialist doctor is specially trained to solve your sex problems by trying to find how it’s related to your mind and/or body. Therefore a good sexologist must have knowledge about all the important branches of medicine that are directly related to sex and they are Cardiology, Urology, Andrology, Gynaecology, Endocrinology, Psychiatry, Psychology, etc.  This is crucial as all sex problems usually have their roots in the above-mentioned specialties. In order to properly treat sexual difficulties, a doctor must have good knowledge of ‘internal medicine’ and ‘surgery’. This is crucial because many diseases themselves can cause sexual problems, and furthermore surgery or medicines are given to cure these diseases can also create or aggravate sex problems.

Finally, remember that a good sex specialist doctor is the one who discusses the subject of sex without embarrassing you and your partner. Further, a good and experienced sex doctor can, after inquiring and understanding all the reasons for your problem, provide a scientific and logical explanation to your satisfaction. If all the things discussed are able to convince your heart and mind, only then treatment can become successful. After the entire discussion, all your fears, stresses, anxiety, or apathy towards sex should be correctly addressed. Once the history-taking process, examination,  investigations and diagnosis process is complete, it is the job of every good doctor to provide sex education, provide a plan, suggest time-bound treatment, and of course, talk to doctors of any specialties mentioned above and seek their opinion and treatment if need be.

Therefore, the first medicine for sex problem is ‘complete knowledge with correct information on all sexual matters.’ If medicines are necessary, they should be given for the least possible time with a simultaneous focus on the wellness of the body and mind. Only then will your problem be resolved forever.

Keep in mind that it is not appropriate to take medicines on your own or from a chemist ‘friend’ or by seeing advertisements in the newspaper or on the Internet.

Therefore, if you are suffering due to the above-mentioned reasons or have other marital problems, then immediately meet a GOOD sex specialist doctor, discuss and get proper advice … This is the most appropriate and best method.

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