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Is Sex and Relationship problem bothering you?

Then you will mostly Google ‘Sex Doctor or Sexologist near me’ or ‘Best Sexologist in India’ or Best Sexologist in Pune / Mumbai / Bangalore / Delhi etc. Immediately you will get the names and addresses of many doctors all over the City State or Country you live in. That list can make you confused as you may really do not know who really is the best sex doctor or therapist or counsellor.

Friends, do you know the difference between a normal doctor and a good sex specialist doctor? All doctors are generally trained to take care of your whole body, but a sex specialist doctor is specially trained to solve your sex problems by trying to find how it’s related to your mind and/or body. Therefore a good sexologist must have knowledge about all the important branches of medicine which are directly related to sex and they are: Cardiology, Urology, Andrology, Gynaecology, Endocrinology, Psychiatry, Psychology, etc.  This is crucial as all sex problems usually have their roots in above mentioned specialties. In order to properly treat sexual difficulties a doctor must have good knowledge of ‘internal medicine’ and ‘surgery’. This is crucial because many diseases themselves can cause sex problems, and furthermore surgery or medicines given to cure these diseases can also create or aggravate sex problems.

Finally, remember that a good sex specialist doctor is the one who discusses the subject of sex without embarrassing you and your partner. Further, a good and experienced sex doctor can, after inquiring and understanding all the reasons for your problem, provide scientific and logical explanation to your satisfaction. If all the things discussed are able convince your heart and mind, only then treatment can become successful. After the entire discussion, all your fears, stresses, anxiety or apathy towards sex should be correctly addressed. Once the history taking process, examination,  investigations and diagnosis process is complete, it is the job of every good doctor to provide sex education, provide a plan, suggest time bound treatment, and of course talk to doctors of any  specialties mentioned above and seek their opinion and treatment if need be.

Therefore, the first medicine for sex problem is’ complete knowledge with correct information on all sexual matters.’ If medicines are necessary, they should be given for the least possible time with simultaneous focus on wellness of body and mind.Only then will your problem be resolved forever.

Keep in mind that it is dangerous to take medicines on your own or from a chemist ‘friend’ or by seeing advertisements in the newspaper or on the Internet. If you want to have sex only with help of medicines for the rest of your life, do so – this is especially for younger people. Also, keep in mind that there are no medicines that can impart ‘knowledge’.

Common sex problems are erectile dysfunction (reduced hardness of penis), small size of penis, premature ejaculation, masturbation problem, night fall, tight foreskin of penis, pain while having sex, fear of first night or failure to have sex, no desire for sex, etc.

Therefore, if you are suffering due to above mentioned reasons or have other marital problems, then immediately meet a GOOD sex specialist doctor, discuss and get proper advice … This is the most appropriate and best method.

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People often worry about visiting a sexologist clinic as they find the experience embarrassing.

Sexual Burnout Syndrome

Today in the twenty-first century, almost all doctors and sexologists opine that masturbation is a natural harmless activity.

Common Sexual Problems

Common sex problems are erectile dysfunction (reduced hardness of penis), the small size of the penis, premature ejaculation, masturbation problem, nightfall, pain while having sex, fear of first night or failure to have sex, no desire for sex, homosexuality, gender identity, sexual abuse, masturbation and circumcision questions and worries, phimosis (tight foreskin of the penis), paraphimosis and curing this problem without circumcision surgery.

Therefore, if you are suffering due to the above-mentioned reasons or have other marital problems, then contact us for proper guidance from our team of doctors from all specialties of medicine. Our online ‘global’ & ‘pan India’ clinic can set up conference audio or video calls with you and your partner along with a Sexologist / Marriage counselor. If needed, other doctors from all specialties of medicine and surgery are also available to guide you and resolve your sex/relationship problems wherever you are living in the world.


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Welcome to sexual health doctor (sexpert) – Dr. Rajendra Sathe’s clinic for sex counseling & therapy. He is the Best Sexologist in Pune & Mumbai, India for advice/treatment on all sex problems like Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PE), painful sex (dyspareunia), penis size (small) shape angle issues, difficult first time sex (non-consumation), lack of sexual desire, absent/lack of orgasm pleasure and addressing this problem without circumcision surgery.

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