Online Clinic for Marriage and Sex Counseling


People often worry about visiting a sexologist clinic as they find the experience embarrassing. Having a motto ‘Sexual Health & Happiness for All’ we established the online service for Sex Education, Counselling, and Therapy since 2007. Although initially, people preferred to come personally, ever since the Coronavirus (Covid19) Pandemic, many patients prefer the ONLINE consultation approach. This allows you to:

  • Safely stay at home also assures privacy and comfort.

  •  Contact us at your convenience.

  •  The time needed for to and fro travel to the clinic is avoided.

  •  Taking leave from work is not needed.

At a mutually convenient time, we can connect via WhatsApp chat, audio, or video for consultation. We also offer Google Duo, Meet, and direct telephone communication. Thanks to the internet and mobile connectivity we are always at your arm’s length although you may live anywhere in the world. A Global connect facility is a win-win situation for everyone.


  • Do NOT call the doctor directly at any time of the Day or Night.

  •  The best option is to send a WhatsApp message (Best), email, Jio Chat, SMS, or Via Contact Us page.

  •  Give Name, mobile number, email address.

  •  Write in brief, problems faced, and wait for our reply.

  •  We will reply to your message and share how to pay options.

  •  ONLY AFTER you receive a reply, pay consultation fees online by G-pay, Bank transfer by your preferred payment method.

  •  After payment is done you will receive confirmation.

  •  On WhatsApp chat/email we decide a mutually convenient time slot.

  •  We will talk about your preferred method at the time decided. If you wish to change the timing, please inform us as early as possible.

  •  Once your case history is obtained, various options can be discussed regarding investigations, specialist opinion, etc. (if needed).


  • After the first talk, the Doctor will indicate the best approach to resolve the problems.

  • Counseling Consultation: If Sex Education, Counselling, Special Therapy is needed, Doctor will explain during a talk or by message. Please proceed with this method only if you are convinced.

  • Investigations: If needed you can do at a place of choice in your hometown.

  • Medicines: a prescription can be issued of only those medications that can be issued online. In case you need any medication that needs an actual physical examination by a specialist doctor in your hometown (for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Urologist, etc., you may go a specialist of your choice. With your consent, we may speak with the consultant if needed. He can prescribe the medicine from his clinic and you will have to pay his fees directly to him. We will guide you to know possible adverse sexual side effects of medicines that may be prescribed (for BP, Diabetes, Anxiety, Hair loss, etc.).

  • Follow up can also be done if needed.

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